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Aaron Durall, Esquire


Aaron Durall, Esquire is a tenacious leader with a strong desire to impact other people’s lives positively.

Aaron Durall, Esquire grew up as a glorified athlete who found himself the best player on any team he joined. Though he was brilliant academically, Aaron took little interest in school growing up due to the lack of challenge he faced in the classroom. Being a highly desired athlete, one of the best high school defensive players in the country, Aaron Durall was quickly offered scholarships to top colleges all around the country. After realizing that Aaron enrolled in the University of Central Florida, College of Accounting, there would be life after sports. During his undergrad days, Durall quickly realized that he not only thrived on the field, but he also exceeded when it came to numbers and business. After graduating at the top of his class, Aaron pursued his law degree at Nova Southeast University, Sheppard Broad Law Center. Aaron graduated from law school as one of the country’s best students and opened his own law practice. 

After working as an attorney for over a decade, Aaron opted to embark on a new venture as an entrepreneur and soon launched Reliance Laboratory Testing. For the next four years, Aaron made it his mission to offer healthcare services that were reliable, affordable, and convenient. Understanding the need for laboratories and accredited hospitals that would serve the needs of a smaller town in rural America, Aaron soon launched DL Investments. As the President of DL Investments, Aaron owned, operated, and managed hospitals across Georgie, Alabama, and California. Through both DL Investments and Reliance Laboratory Testing, Aaron Durall, Esquire made a difference in communities that needed more accessible healthcare options. 

Today, Aaron Durall, Esquire focuses his time on cannabis laboratory, CanMedLabs. A most recent venture that he founded in June of 2018, Aaron and the CanMedLabs team provide dispensaries and individuals worldwide with comprehensive analysis for both state-required testing and research-based testing for cannabis and cannabis-related products. With an inquisitive mind and lust for education, Aaron Durall is consistently researching innovative developments in the cannabis sector. He hopes to continue to grow with the ever-changing landscape of the cannabis industry and looks forward to what’s to come in the industry. 

Outside of his career, Aaron Durall, Esquire is a family man to his core. A proud father and husband, Aaron is motivated by his family and works hard to ensure they can lead an enjoyable and comfortable life. Having always been close with his siblings, Aaron places a lot of stock in the value of family. His success has allowed him to help others and give back to those who have paved the way for him. Aaron Durall, Esquire’s mission in life is to help others in any way her can. For Aaron, giving people the opportunity to lead greater lives, in any capacity, has always been the most rewarding part of his success. Aaron hopes to instill the same passion and philanthropic mindset in his children.

Aaron Durall Esquire Portrait